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Children are the gift of God whom parents are lucky enough to bring into this world. Though parents lay a pivotal role in bringing them to this world yet it would be wrong to claim ownership on them. As parents, you are in a beautiful relationship with your children but they do not belong to you.


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Children do not stay children forever. They grow up faster than you realize. If you feel that the tire load of your family is on you. Looking after children and maintaining the household is your prerogative then you must realize that things may change soon.


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Helicopter parenting is considered delivered to be detrimental to the full-blown development of child's personality. It also hampers germination of ethics and values which are considered pillars of the successful life. Stay conscious of the fact if you have been hovering over every aspect of your child's life.

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We take pride in the fact that our business is "People Business". As you embark on the path of constructing your own business you may develop the many more facets like friendship and a support system to be proud of. If you have been in search of an opportunity that helps realize your dreams, this is that Direct best scope.

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We are proud of the fact that the entire organization works in complete synergy. We value your talent and help you thrive to the fullest extent. Our proud status as a Multinational Enterprise we at Land Mark Stars, have been working on high-end strategies. The model of network business suits perfectly the need for financial freedom. It is brilliant because it also grants you freedom from set working routines and 9-5 jobs.

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We believe in not just hiring established professionals but to include people who have great potential to become creative professionals and make a mark in the Direct Selling Industry. We encourage dedicated professionals with a suitable platform to accomplish high goals.

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